Hey, I’m Ellen Wright

I’m an attorney, coach, speaker, and author. My life is broken and messy – but it’s beautiful and a gift from God. Yours is too. I am an unwed mother of 2 boys and was trapped in alcoholism and facing foreclosure and bankruptcy not long ago. I had anger management issues and a collection of restraining orders against my kids’ dad. The lack of balance in my life led to a cycle of poor financial decision making which just fed the cycle of anxiety and depression.

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Today I’m a successful attorney an entrepreneur. I am the owner and CEO of two law firms Wright Family Law Group and Express Bankruptcy Solutions. My professional success is not what I’m most proud of. I also have an incredibly positive co-parenting relationship with my ex and have the privilege of being a mentor to hundreds of clients. Through my trials and tribulations, I have developed the “Extra Points” brand of winning in my life.
They can develop in yours too.

My Life Changing Moment

You’ve heard of people having a “burning bush experience” – a moment of clarity and revelation. Mine came at 34, in the face of my addiction and family court strife with my ex, and
So. Much. Shame.

After reaching a point of mental and emotional desperation in 2013, I got sober in AA, where I shared my secrets and reconnected with my faith in God. I also learned why a well-educated, well-mannered, and productive gal like me could be such a complete hypocrite in life. After my spiritual awakening and my feet on the road to recovery, I knew deep inside that there was an amazing, purpose-filled life that I was destined for!

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Are you exhausted and feeling defeated most days?

I’ve been there. I grew up with a strong survivor’s instinct. As the adult child of two alcoholics, I was great at being successful and creating opportunities for myself but much of what I was did was driven by a need to keep myself safe. Permanently stressed out and anxious, I embarked on a journey of destructive personal and financial decision making. I eventually learned that to feel truly content and happy, I needed to trust God to direct my thinking and my will. The result was a life that was based on what made me feel joyful and passionate. I have since devoted my life to sharing my experience, strength and wisdom with others.

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My goal is simple: to offer hope, compassion, and support
those who are most in need as they learn to navigate life’s
most difficult situations.

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